M Productions Media produces documentaries, develops iPhone apps and provides classes on
documentary filmmaking. Our goals are to motivate, train and entertain in everything that we do.

Our work is influenced from years of experience in documentary film work and theater directing.
Incorporating storytelling and sensitivity, our videos and iPhone apps speak to the viewer in a
personal and compelling manner.

Education: Along with our documentary work, we are committed to educating about the

power of documentary filmmaking. We provide classes and seminars for students of all ages. Our documentary course is focused on the craft of documentary storytelling. Our course covers
concept development, research, story structure, pre-production planning, interview skills and
script writing. Please contact Margo@mproductionsmedia for more information

iPhone apps: Our app company Dramatic Applications creates iPhone apps that are useful, fun and informative. Our apps include: Pilates for

Pregnancy, Fight Lights, Stuck in Your Seat and The Royal Bum.

• 9 Cine Golden Eagle Awards
• 10 Mature Media Awards
• 7 Telly Awards
• 3 Communicator for Excellence
• Silver Medal New York Festival
• Silver Apple from The National Educational Media Network
• Superfest Award

202.669.8406 7309 Burdette Court Bethesda, MD 20817